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Served by the Salvatorians
MINISTRIES: Congregational Care

Attending to the Sick, the Dying and the Bereaved

What Is Congregational Care Ministry?
Congregational Care Ministry is caring for fellow church members during a time of poor health or death. This is a shared ministry of laity and clergy in which we all serve together for expressing God's care. 
The just and the unjust will ask, "Lord, when did we see you and not minister to your needs?". Mt 25: 37;44 

Hospital Visiting
Representing the parish, members of the community make local hospital visits. They witness our concern and encouragement to the patient and the family. They may also help with the transition to home from the hospital. 

Home Visiting
Fellow parishioners will be in touch with parish members and their families to bring support and services into the home at the time of sickness or death. These cordial visits by our parishioners extend the parish's concern to help lessen the isolation and loneliness often felt by homebound or nursing home members, as well as to offer consolation to a grieving family. 

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick
Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick bring Holy Communion to those parishioners who are confined to their home or are in a hospital or nursing home. They can also administer the Eucharist as Viaticum to the dying. 
"... it is I who chose you to go forth and bear fruit. Your fruit must endure, so that all you ask the Father in my name he will give you. The command I give you is this, that you love one another." Jn 15:16-17 

Role of The Clergy
The priest, together with our Congregational Care Givers, reflects our communal life and duty as Church. The priest specifically brings the Lord's healing to these times through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing. He gives spiritual support to the individual , the family and the involved ministers of care. He fosters our union with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Whom Do I Notify?
If you become homebound, a resident of a nursing home, or hospitalized, and want to receive pastoral care from the parish, inform the rectory office or Program Coordinator of your need or desire for this service. Either you, a family member or a friend should call the rectory office (536-6349).

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