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Served by the Salvatorians
Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church and is governed by canon law and diocesan policies. These laws and policies determine who, when, how and where Catholics can marry. You or your prospective spouse must be a registered, practicing Catholic and be free to enter into a marriage to be married in a Catholic Church. 
Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. The information provided here is to assist you in your planning and to provide you with a better understanding of what is required for a Catholic wedding. Your knowledge will help prevent disappointment and misunderstanding. 
Marriage preparation is a pastoral ministry of a parish. Couples need to contact the Rectory Office at least 4 - 6 months prior to their desired wedding date to begin marriage preparation. Where there is a remarriage on the part of one or both of the parties, a declaration of nullity must be obtained for each one before a wedding date can be discussed. They will then follow the same preparations as those entering a first marriage. These couples must see the priest immediately to begin this process. 
For couples entering a first marriage, the first step in planning a wedding is to call the parish secretary who will discuss times, dates, guidelines and expenses. The secretary will explain the role of the Church's wedding coordinator and help make an initial appointment with the pastor. Please remember that our Church is not a private wedding chapel. It is wise to discuss all of your plans with the coordinator prior to making commitments on photography, music, flowers and decorations, dress, etc. 
In the course of the required premarital counseling (canonical and diocesan), the priest will review the marriage preparation ministry with the couple and begin compiling the marriage file. Couples participate in both a marriage readiness process with the presiding priest or deacon and either the marriage preparation workshop sponsored by the local Catholic churches or the Engaged Encounter Weekend in Cullman sponsored by the diocese. 
Following the readiness discernment process, the decision is made on the pending marriage and the wedding date is finalized. It is at this time that the couple begins to plan the wedding ceremony. 
Our Parish Center may be rented for a wedding reception. The parish secretary can provide information on availability, fees, contract, insurance requirements, etc., for a reservation. 
      St. Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church - Huntsville, Alabama